Advanced Stats

Advanced Stat Percentile Tables

What is a good TS%? How about a low USG%? Check out my handy percentile tables that can answer these questions.


For commentary on my tables and other percentile tables I have created, see here.

Source: Basketball-Reference, Nylon Calculus,


Perimeter Defense And Rim Protection

Which teams are forcing misses at the rim while limiting shots from behind the arc as well? (Numbers as of 11/28/16)








Lottery Picks In The Preseason

How did the 2016 lottery picks fare in the NBA preseason?


Blue=Last Year in College



Source: Basketball-Reference


Qualifier: >50 MP in Preseason

The people wanted Joel Embiid's numbers as well.


Quality Of 3-Point Attempts (2015-16)


Which teams created the most quality 3-point attempts last season?


Here, I took a quick look at open 3-point attempts and catch-and-shoot 3-point attempts.





Two-PG Lineups (2015-16)


Two-point guard lineups are being used more than ever. Check out which teams got the biggest bump from having two point guards on the floor at the same time.


Qualifier: MP>50, >40% of MP at PG




How An Opponent's Shot Selection Affects Defensive Efficiency

Can an opponent's shot selection predict a team's defensive efficiency? I compare the theoretical numbers to what actually happened in practice. I also discussed the noise in 3-point percentage against and why Brad Stevens was ahead of the game.


Expected Value By Shot Location (2015-16)

Shot location is vital in today's NBA. I looked at how different locations on the floor compared in terms of expected efficiency last season. 


Expected Value=(Value of Made Shot)*(Field Goal Percentage of Shot Location)





Biggest Difference In DRE +/- Per 36 Minutes Depending On Position

Find out which players saw the biggest difference in their production depending on the position they were playing. 


Darren Collison and Markel Brown are the only two players on this list who benefited playing the "smaller position."


If you are unfamiliar, here is an explanation of DRE.



Qualifier: >250 MP at two different positions, >15% of MP at two different positions


Source: Nylon Calculus


Biggest Difference In +/- Per 48 Minutes Depending On Position











Here is a table that depicts the biggest difference in +/- per 48 minutes depending on the position a player was playing. Given the metric used, this is more about how the team fared and not necessarily indicitive of individual production. 


Qualifier: >30% of MP at two different positions 


Source: Nylon Calculus


Two Schools Of Thought: Offensive Rebounding Vs. Transition Defense

Which teams grabbed offensive rebounds but also featured an elite transition defense? Which teams failed to grab offensive rebounds while also strugging on the defensive end in transition? Here are the numbers: